How to reduce edema on the legs

People who suffer from varicose veins -edema of the lower extremities disturb very often. According to statistics of the world phlebologists in patients with varicose veins, chronic (chronic) venous edema was detected in 20% of women and 10% of men.

Such chronic venous edema is a consequence of the occurrence of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

The swelling of the legs of the creature worsens the quality of human life. In addition, persistent edema can lead to serious complications (trophic skin disorders, lymphostasis).

How to get rid of edema of the legs - reduction of edematous syndrome?

Intervention operatively during the period of strongpuffiness is unacceptable. If you planned an operation to remove varicose veins or phlebosclerosis treatment, then such procedures are performed only after the edematous syndrome has been eliminated.

To get rid of edema of the legs, you need to take a set of measures aimed at their elimination.

  • Diet. Restriction of fatty, spicy food. Physiotherapy.
  • The performance of special exercises favorably affects the reduction of venous edema. During rest, try to keep your feet in an elevated position.
  • Wear only comfortable shoes and clothes. Refuse narrow (pulling) things. Give up shoes with high heels.
  • Wearing compression knitwear. People with CVI need to measure that the constant wearing of compression linen is the best prevention and treatment of varicose veins, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis. The therapeutic knitwear correctly distributes the pressure on the vessels throughout the limb, which leads to a reduction in blood stasis in the veins and a decrease in edema of the limb.
  • Pharmacotherapy. The use of medicinal drugs for the removal of puffiness (therapeutic ointments, gels, pills). Taking medications is one of the important measures in the treatment of chronic venous leg edema. In the course of numerous studies of patients with venous edema, a significant reduction in edema was noted when taking medications. Leaders among such drugs are detraleks and flebodia 600. After taking these drugs (1-2 months), the swelling of the edema is significantly reduced. In addition, the pain begins to worry much less.

If you find that you are swelling all the timethe feet should be consulted immediately. It is necessary to find out the causes of the appearance of such edema. The started stages of diseases causing swelling of the lower extremities are treated for years, and sometimes become a problem for life.