Swelling under the eyes of a newborn

Eye swelling in newborns

Sometimes parents are faced with the fact thata small child begins to swell around and under them appear circles and bags. Eye swelling in newborns can be for various reasons and therefore a visit to a specialist is needed, which will find the cause and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The causes of swelling of the eye in babies:

- a bite of an insect. In the season of midges and mosquitoes, insects can bite an infant, and the edema in this case is not an ordinary irritation, but an allergy to a bite. Allergic reactions for the baby are dangerous, besides, swelling can be accompanied by an increase in body temperature;

- conjunctivitis. With this infection, the baby can be fevered, and purulent discharge from the swollen eyes;

- kidney disease. The edema of the peephole in a baby can indicate such diseases and if they appear very often, it is necessary to show the baby to the ophthalmologist;

Inflammation of the nasolacrimal canal. In this case, the doctor will write out eye drops in which there are antibiotics and parents should drip them a few days in the eyes of a baby;

- barley. Eyes can swell and because of only emerging barley and do not have to wait until the barley itself passes, be sure to take the child to the hospital;

- long crying. If the child often and long cries, then his eyes may swell. It also happens if the baby has been sleeping for a long time. This phenomenon will pass by itself, and to accelerate the process will help lotions with tea brewing;

- the consequence of postpartum outflow. In this case, edema is associated with the pressure that occurs when the baby moves through the birth canal at birth. Just a day for three or four edemas must pass.

Whatever the reasons for swollen eyes in a baby, it will require a specialist consultation and the child should be examined by a doctor, since the causes of swelling may not be the most comforting.