Swelling of the legs with a diseased liver

Quite a long time with a sick liver is not presentno significant signs in humans. The liver does not hurt for a long time. When the liver is healthy, then completely it is under the ribs. But when the inflammatory processes begin to develop in the liver, it begins to act and ache. Let's see how the liver hurts and what symptoms are manifested in a person.

Nausea is a common symptom for variousdiseases of the gastrointestinal tract. But with liver diseases, it is most expressed. The patient may completely lose his appetite and appear to some products disgust. Especially it concerns products with a lot of fat. In this case, pain and diarrhea may be completely absent.

With a diseased liver, the blood circulation changes, and thispromotes the release of a certain amount of fluid from the blood. That is why a sign of a sick liver is puffiness. Swelling can occur under the eyes, on the hands and feet, especially with fingers. But one of the most characteristic hepatic edema can be considered ascites. This is a condition in which the belly of a person swells and grows, like a "ball", because of the accumulation of fluid.

For the diseased liver, signs such astwitching, which are similar to short-term minor cramps (most often when falling asleep), anxious sleep, intense palpitation, night sweats.

Sick liver "bleeds", not completelyquality. Because of this, hormonal and immune systems suffer, metabolism is disrupted. Because of this, the symptoms of beriberi may develop. There may be signs such as hair loss, dry skin, pale face. In addition, a person has long healing wounds, bleeding gums, nails grow slowly. In the fair sex can break the menstrual cycle, men can decrease potency. Viral and colds are quite long. Also, with hepatic pathologies, patients develop frequent snoring. The tongue becomes bright-burgundy. There may be pigment spots on the skin, acne, etc., rashes.

Also, the general symptoms of the affected liver arepain, a sense of heaviness in the right hypochondrium. The pain can be permanent, or aching, which are exacerbated during physical exertion. Pain can occur after eating fatty foods, when jogging. At rest, painful sensations calm down. Painful sensations can be accompanied by heartburn, belching bitterness.

Change of color of skin and urine

For liver diseases, complaints ofoccurrence of a yellow color of the skin. At the beginning, you can observe the sclera of the sclera. Simultaneously, it is possible to detect the appearance of urine of dark color, discoloration of feces.

Against the background of a prolonged liver disease, itching appears. This is evidenced by the high content of bile in the blood.

Symptoms of unhealthy liver includefast fatigue, lethargy, weakness, decreased efficiency. Fainting may occur in the patient. Also, hemorrhages often occur on the skin. Sometimes patients complain that they often freeze limbs. Many have cramps of the muscles of the fingers on the legs and arms and the cramps of the calf muscles.

Diagnosis and prevention of liver

When referring to a specialist, almost alwaysthey show an increase in the liver, and sometimes of the spleen. It is carried out by experts quite a lot of research in the first stage for the recognition of liver disease. This is due to the fact that the liver functions are quite diverse and it is impossible to detect their violations with the help of one or two tests. The sensitivity threshold is different for us, and a 100% guarantee that it is always impossible to recognize the disease at the right time on time. That is why it is recommended to take at least once a year tests (a general blood test) and do an ultrasound procedure to know if our hematopoietic organ is healthy. After all, liver diseases can be different and if this body is not treated, then the most serious diseases can develop.

Diffuse liver changes can appear onmany reasons and talk about various diseases of this body. The main symptom is the pain in the hypochondrium on the right with the return to the shoulder. The reason for the change is determined by a number of studies.

Useful products for liver disease

When liver disease should be useful forher products. Otherwise, it will not be able to process the slag that has entered the body. People with liver disease should stick to the diet, eating more fish, light hot soups, fruits.

Effect of alcohol on the liver

The consequences of alcohol poisoning of the liver are dangerousfor the whole organism, but the main blow is taken by the liver. Very dangerous accumulation of fluid in the peritoneum, inflammation of the liver, hepatitis. The liver can not clean itself and toxins accumulate in the blood.

Fatty liver hepatosis: symptoms and treatment

Fatty liver hepatosis is characterized bydegeneration of hepatocytes into adipose tissue. Symptoms of the disease are nausea, flatulence. Treat this disease with the help of means that improve liver function; Means that improve the metabolism of fats; diets, etc.

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