Edema in a five-month-old baby

September 25, 2010, 2010

The baby has an allergy, I feed the porridge in 10hours, vegetables at 14 o'clock, a mixture at 18 and 22 o'clock - porridge introduced a week ago - rice, vegetables, juices, fruit puree give different in the intervals between feedings. I do not know what allergy is.
How to correctly identify what allergy is, all vegetables and juices, fruit purees cancel and give only the mixture (for a mixture of allergies is not exactly given from 2 months)?
Is it possible to abolish everything so abruptly, if it has already eaten vegetables for 1.5 months, juices and fruit purees - 3 months, porridge - a week. For the stomach is not harmful?

September 25 14:28, 2010

No, it is not necessary to cancel all the lure. The most allergenic colored (not green) vegetables and fruits, purchased juice should be excluded. Alternately, exclude for a few days one type of vegetable, fruit or juice and an allergen will appear.

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