How to remove swelling from the foot after the erysipelas

At night, raise the leg above the body.
After erysipelas, there is not exactly swelling. but lymphostasis. In severe cases, this condition can progress to a disease called elephant disease, elephantiasis.
I need an expert to evaluate. how badly damaged the lymphatic system of the foot. But - if there are no contraindications - you can now start doing lymphatic drainage massages (it is better to go to the specialist once, to have your own subtleties!) To apply all the measures for fluid drainage and improving blood circulation is honey. procedures, physiotherapy, and mud, and swimming.
ALL without exception the listed measures needDo only after consulting a doctor, tk. you can not independently assess the risks and possible complications. Even harmless diuretics can cause complications, which you could not imagine.
Dimexid helped me.
The erysipelas are manifested not only in redness, but also inedema, all this is a phenomenon of lymph and hemostasis ... In principle, the mug and its consequences are well understood manual ... I at least had ... A good manualist to help you ...

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