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The death of brain cells This is a perfectly normal phenomenon ineveryday life, since a certain number of nerve cells die constantly. If the number of dead neurons increases dramatically - it is a symptom of pathology and can lead to the development of a serious disease and even death. To date, medicine knows a myriad of diseases that are characterized by a progressive increase in the number of dead cells.

For example, Parkinson's disease is characterized bysystematic dying out of neurons, with the first affected areas of memory, motor skills and speech. Another example of the death of brain cells is Alzheimer's. But these serious diseases are of a genetic nature and treatment or prevention is practically ineffective.

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Nevertheless, in the everyday life of everyoneThere are a lot of factors that stimulate the death of neurons. For example, nerve cells die under the influence of various kinds of chemicals. And it's not just about heavy intoxication of the body, but about the constant abuse of alcohol, nicotine, drugs or caffeine, which, incidentally, is contained in tea.

The reason for the death of neurons can be anddifferent beriberi. Indeed, the lack of vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients strongly affects the state of the whole organism, and in particular of the brain.

One of the most dangerous for the brainhypoxia, or lack of oxygen. If we talk about the remaining organs of the human body, then the liver or kidneys can remain outside the body for several hours. For the brain, insufficient intake or absence of oxygen for 1 to 10 minutes is already a non-negotiable change. On the other hand, too much oxygen also kills neurons, as it breaks the metabolism.

The death of neurons can also be the result of severe trauma or damage not only to the brain, but also to the peripheral nervous system or vessels carrying blood to the bodies of neurons.

The intake of large doses of certain drugs also leads to an intense die-off of nerve cells. Sometimes the death of neurons is an integral part of the aging process and, subsequently, death.

It is worthwhile to understand that the brain is one of thethe most important organs of the human body, since it controls absolutely all processes. Therefore, lead a healthy lifestyle and regularly undergo medical examinations.

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