Edema of the feet in diabetes treatment of folk remedies

Piggy bank of folk recipes Folk remedies and methods of treatment of foot swelling with diabetes

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  1. Home first-aid kit of medicinal plants Degree of conformity with the query: 94.32%
    Fragments of the text of the post. In the evening, before going to sleep, you should insert legs patient in these bags with the expectation that a fairly thick layer of leaves would cover the surface of the legs from all sides. Legs will sweat very much, just as they would sweat in a steam bath. Several similar sessions - and your legs will be like the young.
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  • Healing Blueberry Degree of Compliance: 2.62%
    Fragment of the text of the post. Sprigs of blueberry with leaves are a very effective tool not only for sugar diabetes. More information: http://kopilkanm.ru/post_1298979480.html

  • How to lose weight cheaply and easily Degree of compliance with the request: 0.44%
    Fragment of the text of the post. They are also successfully used to combat the violation of salt metabolism, with sugar diabetes, gout, polyarthritis.