What to remove the swelling of the legs with heart failure

Edema in heart failure is a very common phenomenon. Their character and localization depend on the nature of the cardiac muscle disruption and the specificity of the disease.

In acute left ventricular failureoften there is a rapid and severe stagnation of blood in the lungs, which can lead to the development of pulmonary edema. This is an extremely difficult condition requiring immediate intensive care. Peripheral swellings in acute heart failure are very rare.

In chronic heart failurecharacterized by just peripheral edema, which in "walking" patients arise primarily on the feet, starting with the fingers and feet, then rise higher, gripping the lower leg, thighs, lower abdomen. In "lying" patients, swelling initially appears, as a rule, in the lumbar region and the sacrum. Edema is dense, after pressing on them remains pitted.

With chronic heart failure, edemalocated symmetrically, the skin in the area of ​​edema often acquires a cyanotic shade. Swelling occurs (worse) in the evening, and in the morning weaken or completely disappear. Swellings develop slowly, during weeks and months, but, in the absence of adequate treatment, are steadily increasing. In severe cases, edema spreads throughout the body, accompanied by ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity).

Treatment of edema in chronic heart failure

To eliminate edema first of all it is necessaryqualified treatment of the underlying disease, which led to the development of heart failure. When the compensation of the phenomena of heart failure is reached, the swelling caused by it disappears almost immediately.

In addition, treatment andedema. At the initial stage of edema development, it is often enough to use "home" remedies, such as resting with legs above the trunk, feet massage, baths and cold compresses. In more severe cases, drug treatment is necessary. Necessarily appoint diuretics (most often furosemide), in order to remove excess fluid from the body. In most cases, you can wear elastic bandages or stockings, medical gymnastics. In the diet with swelling should be limited to the use of liquids, including liquid food (soups, broths, etc.) and table salt.

Folk recipes for the treatment of edema

With swelling, including those caused by cardiacinsufficient, well-established some folk remedies. But remember that they can only be applied with the approval of your treating doctor and only in addition to the treatment prescribed to them, but in no case instead of him.

Good diuretics are:
  • fresh juice from berries of mountain ash, which is drunk 50 ml 3 times daily before meals;
  • juice of fresh radish black, mixed with honey in a ratio of 1: 1, drink one tablespoon 3 times a day.

From local funds you can try:

  • Baths with sea salt. Dissolve the salt in warm water in the amount indicated on the salt pack or in the instructions attached to it. Keep feet in the bath for 10-15 minutes, then rinse them with cool water and lightly massage.
  • Cold compresses. Wet cotton cloth with cold water, squeeze out slightly and wrap your feet. Over the compress, wear waterproof skirts or simply strong plastic bags, and on top of woolen socks. Wear a compress until it becomes warm, then remove the compress and lightly massage your feet with movements from the bottom up.

Once again we recall: the use of any folk remedies for the treatment of edema caused by heart failure should be approved by a doctor. Otherwise, the most unpleasant consequences are possible. For example, the use of folk diuretics at the same time as medications prescribed by a doctor of a similar effect can lead to dehydration of the body, and if you decide to replace them with prescribed medications, this can negate the entire effect of treatment and even lead to unpredictable complications.