Alcohol and edema of the bone marrow of the spine

Female 26 years.
Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Good evening! Today I received the results of the meadow of the lumbar spine! But I do not understand anything scary about the term edema of the bone marrow. Decipher please!
The physiological loboz is preserved in the series of the lumbar spine of the spine. Moderate left-sided scoliosis
Initial dystrophic changes are defineddiscs in terms of the intensity of the signal per m2 and height in the seasons th12 / l1 l5 / s1, mild arthrosis vertebral articulations, hypertrophy of the yellow ligaments, and the formation of anterior and posterolateral marginal bone development of the vertebrae
posterior longitudinal ligament compacted
subchondral sclero-occlusive plates of vertebral bodies
In caudal sections of the bodyth12pozvonkacranial departments of the vertebral body1 determine the zones of edema of the bone marrow due to the insertion of fragments of the pulpous nucleus of the intervertebral disc into the spongy substance of vertebral bodies and the formation of central cartilaginous,
hemangioma in the body l1 vertebra
nerve roots have a normal course signs of their compression is not determined
intervertebral foramen of normal size, no signs of stenosis
dorsal prolapses and hernias of intervertebral discs are not determined
the structure of the contents of the dural bag is not changed
distal parts of the spinal cord and the ponytail are not displaced, the areas of the pathologically altered signal are not deformed in the brain substance is not determined
liquorodynamics is not broken
paraverctal soft tissue not changed
conclusion -mr signs of dystrophic changes in the lumbar spine