Edema of the calf after knee arthroplasty

LFK after knee arthroplasty

LFK after endoprosthesis of the knee joint -the necessary set of measures to restore the mobility of the legs in the knee area. After the operation, the joint must be developed, trained, to avoid various complications, so experienced specialists on the first day (day of operation) recommend starting the exercises.

On the first day after surgery and in the following seriesExercises are dedicated to preventing swelling in the knee joint. In spite of the fact that the complex of exercises needs to be developed jointly with a specialist, some of them will have to be done by themselves for 10-15 minutes a day, therefore they are given below.

1. Lying on the back, move the ankle joints, forcing the shin to work. This promotes normal blood circulation and prevents the formation of blood clots.

2. Gradually bending the knee, move the foot towards the body. Try to distribute the entire load on your hips. Do the exercise 5-10 times.

3. For the development of the gluteal muscles, sit for several minutes in bed, without lowering the operated leg.

On the second day you can already turn on your side (usually at this time remove the drainage pipes). Complex of exercises:

1. Repeat the previous set of exercises.

2. Add to it the following: lying on your back, perform flexion in the hip and knee joint.

3. Spend time sitting with legs down from the bed (for the operated leg, use an elastic bandage).

The third day and the following

The third day has already shown walking with crutches, so the complex of exercises is expanding.

1. Repeat the set of joint development exercises before walking.

2. Do not abuse the load to not increase swelling.

3. Practice gymnastics every day, increasing the load (for example, lying on your stomach move your shins up and down).

It is desirable, that the schedule of all exercises was approved by the doctor and watched the accuracy of their performance in order to avoid complications.