At death, they wrote cerebral edema

New Information Technologies of Restorative Medicine.Diagnosis and treatment at the cellular level.ART-VEVATEST .Electronic passport of health with evaluationbiological age. Video-computer psychoanalysis. Crownoscopy-visualization of the aura .. Cardiothorigraphy-Omega-M. ROFES-diagnostics. Monicor. Biometric testing of abilities of children and adults.Placental hydrolyzate -prolongation of life for 10-20 years.
Psychotherapy . . Teaching sanogenous thinking. Osteopathy. Homeopathy. Reflexology. Sale of devices for home treatment - Fork ,DeVita -RHYTHM 30, DEVITA-AP 30. DeVita-Cosmo. DeVita Energy. Bionic water. Nanoplastic. Functional food. "Banquet tablets." Drink Frozen with probiotics. Drink GG - activation of brain activity. Correction of weight. The "Longevity" postcard. Razumrud -2.

35 years of medical experience.

Our motto - By healing the soul, we treat the body.

Reception by appointment.Tel - (499) 732-29-43
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Sincerely, Gen.Director of the NPCiII "Image of Health"

P.S. Good medicine can not be in absentia!

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