Edema of the legs with cirrhosis than to treat

Such a disease as cirrhosisis accompanied by a number of complications, namely, a decrease in the functioning of the kidneys, problems with the vessels. Also characteristic symptoms are leg edema with cirrhosis of the liver.

Causes of leg swelling in the diagnosis of "Cirrhosis of the liver"

With the development of liver cirrhosis in the human bodybegins to accumulate water and salt. Their excess amount accumulates under the skin, as well as in tissues. This accumulation of water and salts is manifested under the form of edema of the ankles.

At the end of the day, swelling significantly increases in size, and they can increase because of prolonged sitting, or because of prolonged standing.

When you touch the swelling on the skinthere is a small dimple. The appearance of external edema with this type of disease, although unpleasant, but still safe compared with the internal swelling of the abdominal cavity.

Treatment of edema of the legs with cirrhosis

In order to get rid of the edema of the extremities caused by cirrhosis of the liver, doctors recommend that patients follow a diet and take diuretics, that is, diuretics.

Diet with leg swelling consists of the following products:

It is also important to note that it is best to cook food by steam method.

Diuretics are used only in those cases when due to the diet it was not possible to achieve the desired results. Appointed with edema such diuretics:

  • furosemide;
  • amiloride;
  • spironolactone;
  • ethacrynic acid.