How to remove the swelling of the paw in an animal

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With the appearance of edema on the feet, many are confronted,and the cause of this phenomenon may be the most unexpected. Swelling often occurs during pregnancy, after a foot injury and in a number of other cases. Getting rid of them can be difficult, and the only way out, when the swelling of the legs is associated with a systemic disease, can only be a visit to the doctor. How to remove swelling at home, including during pregnancy, how to treat them with folk remedies? Read more about this.

If the cause is injury

The most common cause of leg swelling is trauma. Accompanied by pain, swelling of the leg after fracture involves the imposition of a cold compress of wet tissue or ice. This is the first way to quickly remove swelling due to trauma, but this method is only suitable for the first 48 hours. Later, to get rid of edema, it is necessary to resort to heat. Swelling of the ankle joint should be treated in accordance with the same principles. You can make a warm compress by attaching a cloth moistened with hot wormwood and parsley to a sore spot, or a bag of salt in the frying pan.

The swelling of the leg after trauma can be removed and treated,using applications of 50% solution of water and alcohol. Dampen a soft cloth in it, attach it to the place of injury, cover with polyethylene, and then with a warm woolen cloth, for example, a handkerchief, a scarf. Such folk lotions with alcohol are very effective.

Edema in diseases of the heart and kidneys

The causes of edema on the legs are often hidden in heart diseases, when blood moves through the body with difficulty and the body retains excess water.

To treat cardiac edema is necessary for a cardiologist who will help get rid of the root cause, and some folk remedies are a good help.

For example, to get rid of swelling helps clovermeadow, which must be mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 5 and cook on low heat for at least 15 minutes. After the broth should stand for a couple of hours, and drink 500 g of the drug you need during the day for three meals, adding a teaspoon of honey.

Cardiac edema occurs from the bottom, in the regionankles and feet, and then as if crawling up the leg. If you suffer from a similar problem, pay attention to your food, as many products hold water in the body, exacerbating the situation. To the food harmful in this respect is sugar, sweets, salty, spicy, fatty and fried dishes. Diet based on fruits and vegetables will help to remove excess fluid from the tissues, and always include in your menu all kinds of cabbage, lemon and citrus fruits, cucumbers, parsley greens, onions and garlic, apples and pumpkin. Try to eat less salt and lose weight.

What to do if the swelling of the legs is associated with a kidneyinsufficiency? How to remove swelling with folk remedies? At home, you can use natural diuretics, and get rid of edema on the feet help such herbs as:

  • the leaves of the birch are covered;
  • horsetail;
  • dandelion root;
  • parsley seeds;
  • lovage;
  • three-leafed watch.

Take 10 grams of parsley seeds, and if they are not,you can use greens and roots, pour 300 g of water and cook for at least 7-8 hours. As a result, you will get a rich broth, which allows you to remove puffiness, if you drink on the table. spoon 3-4 times per day.

Another folk remedy for kidney swelling easierin preparation - crushed grass and parsley roots pour in a thermos of boiling water and leave for the night. In the morning pour into the filtered infusion juice of one lemon and take 500 ml of the remedy all day, dividing this volume into three equal parts. The course is 2 days, a break of 2 days.

Weakness of the vascular walls often leads tothe development of varicose veins, in which blood stagnates in the lower limbs and forms ugly dilated wreaths on the legs. The reason is that weak veins are not able to push blood in the opposite direction, and its part always remains below. This trouble often accompanies pregnancy, because due to weight gain, pressure on the legs and veins increases. What to do in such cases, how to remove swelling on the legs?

Varicosity requires an integrated approach to treatment andwithout the help of a specialist is indispensable. The doctor will definitely prescribe ointment for the feet, pick up the drug for oral administration, a diuretic, recommend wearing a compression knitwear and performing physical exercises.

In addition to the prescriptions of the attending physician, you can doat home compress herbs to quickly get rid of puffiness. Grass yarrow pass through the meat grinder and gruel apply to the places of edema. Such a prescription can be used in pregnancy after a massage. To get rid of leg swelling, you can make a remedy from raw potatoes or from crushed wormwood and kefir.

A good ointment from varicose veins and swelling - Lyoton,Troxevasin, Heparin. Try not to stay long in one position, rest, lifting your legs above the body level, eat less salt and sweet, move regularly. These recommendations and folk remedies will help to quickly remove swelling and more effectively treat varicose veins.

Swelling of the feet during pregnancy

Pregnancy for women is associated not only withjoy of expectation of the kid, but also with unpleasant "collateral" conditions of this position, including swelling of the legs. The causes of puffiness are that during pregnancy, especially in the second half of the term, the character of blood and lymph circulation changes, the uterus increases in size and exerts pressure on the nearest large vessels. Body weight is also growing, which also affects the condition of the legs. Most often, after pregnancy, the swelling is quickly passed, however, you can not wait for this moment and remove swelling, easing your condition with safe folk remedies.

It is useful to make applications of fresh coldcabbage leaves, which need to be applied to the swollen tibia for 1-2 hours, after removing and replacing with fresh ones. Do this whenever possible every day throughout the day, and the result will be noticeable after the first compress, as cabbage pulls liquid from the tissues.

How to remove swelling of the legs during pregnancy,using diuretic folk remedies? It is useful to make juice from the roots of celery and take it on a dessert spoon 3-4 times a day. At pregnancy it is authorized to drink a birch juice three times a day on 70-100 g which helps or assists from edemas.

Chamomile flowers, boiled 150 grams of boiling water,insist half an hour, then cool and strain. With the help of this tool to treat swollen legs during pregnancy, you need to drink 50 g of infusion three times a day. Useful warm baths from the decoction of chamomile, mint and birch leaves.

If you do not have varicose veins, then a gentle massage of the legs with grape seed oil helps to remove puffiness, while the arms movements should be directed upwards, from the soles of the feet to the knees.

During pregnancy, do not use essential oils for massage, as this can be dangerous for your health.

Lymphedema is another reasonus problems. This disease is accompanied by a strong swelling of the extremities, often one-sided, for example, the left leg is swelling. Pathology implies an immediate call to the doctor, otherwise, if nothing is done and not treated, then elephantism is not avoided - this is the last stage. Why swollen feet with lymphedema? The reasons are that the lymphatic outflow is disturbed and even suspended due to a chronic infection.

How to treat swelling of the legs, if observedlymphatic stasis? Take 20 g of flaxseed and boil in one liter of water over a slow fire for 15-20 minutes. After insisting for an hour and drink 70 grams in two hours, the course of treatment is two weeks. However, the main measures to eliminate the problem should be carried out only under the supervision of the doctor.