Ointments for pain and swelling of the feet

Ointments from swelling under the eyes

Edema under the eyes (in the people - bags under the eyes)- a frequent problem in middle-aged women, with which it is necessary to competently compete. There are many means (both folk and medical) that help to eliminate this cosmetic defect.

Among them, ointments are very popular. Why this particular form?

  1. Ointment is conveniently applied to the problem area of ​​the facial skin.
  2. The active substances in ointments penetrate well through the skin, affecting the focus of inflammation.
  3. The minimum number of side effects (all soft dosage forms act place, not sucked into the blood).
  4. Relatively low cost of drugs.

In the market of domestic medicinal and cosmetic products a number of preparations in the form of soft medicinal forms are presented. These are ointments, creams, gels with anti-edematous properties.

- ointment heparin. Heparin (a natural anticoagulant) is included incomposition of many ointments and creams that eliminate vascular defects. So, he treats varicose veins, hemorrhoids, trophic ulcers. The drug for the treatment of edema under the eyes is especially popular. In the area of ​​action of the ointment, normal blood flow is restored, which helps to reduce edema.

- "Troxevasin", "Lyoton-gel" - Another popular means that are used for all types of edema. The principle of action is similar to heparin ointment.

- Kurozin-gel - a preparation containing hyaluronic acid in its composition. The soothing effect on the skin is beneficial for swelling around the eyes, removing inflammation and improving the cosmetic appearance of the skin around the eyes.

When using all soft medicinalmeans should adhere to one rule - ointment, cream or gel should be applied to clean, dry skin, distributing on the entire surface. The resulting mask should be kept on the skin around the eyes for at least 15 minutes, then remove with a tissue and wash the surface with water.