Can legs sweat from sedentary work

Hello, I have such a problem swollen legs
(feet to the ankles) was at the doctors setthe diagnosis is a strong narrowing of the blood vessels of the brain! but there are manifestations of varicose on your feet! can the legs swell from this. and which can pokolot pricks at home.

Hello. Because of varicose veins can swell. At home, injections are not carried out about this disease.

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Hello! I do not know whether to contact you with such a question or not. My mom has varicose veins, unfortunately now she can not get to the hospital, at the reception. She says that the veins on the feet "burn", sometimes because of this it is impossible to sleep. And on the foot and to the fingers, on the contrary, the feeling of ice. What is it? Can I help?

Hello! The doctor, at my mum 2 years ago have removed varicose veins on 2 legs, the diagnosis was: a varicose illness of the bottom extremities, KVN of 3rd degree, a trophic ulcer of the right extremity. Until now, everything seemed to be normal, but now it complains that the right leg is again itching in the region of the shin. Mom worries, because before the operation the leg is also itched. What do you think about this, maybe this is normal? What should we do?

Hello, Doctor! I am 63 years old. Two weeks ago, after 2 minutes of sewing, suddenly felt a strong pain in the wrist of his right hand. Turning his hand, he saw that the vein on his wrist was swollen to the size of beans. His eyes darkened. I did not know what to do. I took Sustak forte, made a bandage on my wrist, lay down, raising my hand up. By evening, the swelling gradually began to subside. Then a hematoma formed, which resolved in a week. That day in the morning I measured blood pressure. It was 130.

Good afternoon! My name is Natalia, I'm 31 years old. I have problems with veins. Particularly aching feet in pre - and critical days (from the knees and to the feet, including under the knees). I also go to the gym for the second month. The legs became especially troubling. Is it possible to do strength exercises on legs with venous insufficiency? Or exercise on a treadmill or exercise bike? And anyway, what advice with such a problem. Thank you in advance.

Hello. Can I get rid of vascular asterisks on my leg and face? Without surgery. Thank you.

Hello! I have a pregnancy of 33 weeks. Varicose veins only on the left foot (in the groin and on the back surface of the leg in the region of the knee). What is better to use, pantyhose or stocking on one leg? Thank you!

Why can not you often use hormonal gels? For example, gel flucinar.

Good afternoon. I'm 28 years old, I'm married, but have not given birth, in the near future my husband and I are planning a child. I have a question for you. From the age of 20, I had a wreath on my right leg near my knee, but she did not bother me, my legs were mostly tired of wearing a high heel, but I struggled with a contrast shower, gel for fatigue, apple cider vinegar, at 26, I changed jobs on the sessile, legs began to get tired more, to swell in the evening, on working days, and by the summer I noticed that they began to be enlightened, c.

Hello! To me of 48 years, several months at walking or long standing the right femur starts to burn or the sensation such as if cold water flows on it, to the touch this place numb. Help, please, determine what to treat, what is the reason?

Hello. Tell or say please, whether it is possible to do at a varicose a vacuum-roller massage? And if you can, then should there be bruises from it?

Hello! I'm 31 years old, under my eyes strongly pronounced veins, i.e. not a vascular network, namely veins, they are located directly under the skin, and since the skin is transparent and thin, they are very visible, moreover they are still embossed! Tell me, is there any way out, they are very unpleasant because they spoil the entire face?

Hello! I had a bump of red on my feet a week ago. I went to see the surgeon. He said that I have thrombophlebitis. But really did not appoint anything, because I nurse. He said that you come when you finish feeding. Has appointed or nominated to me only indometatsinovuju ointment. But the annotation says that it can not be used when breastfeeding. Prompt, what drug can be treated with breastfeeding.

During the second session of sclerotherapy, I became pregnant. What will this affect in the future?

Hello. After a short reception of the Norkolut, which was attributed to me by a gynecologist, my veins started to hurt. The vascular surgeon diagnosed PTB. Attributed venorutin, curantil and lifelong compression. I'm 43 years old, and the prospect of walking around in tights worries me. Can I solve the problem of PTB surgically? And what other methods are there for treating PTB?

Hello. What remedies for varicose veins can be used when breastfeeding? Preferably local (ointments, gels). Nodes are not present, by the evening weight in legs or foots, under kolenkami the veins are expanded, on the hips the expressed capillary network. The veins on the chest and mammary glands also "shine through". Will this happen with the end of breastfeeding? Than to be treated after the termination of feeding?