How to remove swelling of the knee joint folk remedies

Folk treatment of edema of joints according to the recipes of the newspaper "Herald of HSE".

Edema of the knee joint - treatment at home.
At the woman 6 years ago have swelled up knees, steelit was difficult to walk. Neighbor suggested a remedy for joint edema. It is necessary to take 100 g of turpentine, 60 g of ammonia, 40 g of refined oil. All this is drained into a plastic bottle and shaken. Apply once a day from feet to knees, rub dry. Then put on woolen socks and warm pants. Procedures to do 2 weeks. After this treatment, the woman's knees stopped hurting, night cramps left. The effect of treatment lasts 2 years, then, if necessary, treatment of the joint can be repeated. (recipe from the Healthy Holidays of 2011 No. 16, pp. 8-9)

Swelling of the joints - treatment of beets at home.
The cause of pain in the joints is swelling - it presseson the nerve endings. When the swelling is removed, the pain subsides. Beetroot well removes puffiness, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, in addition beet contains many useful minerals and substances that strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
Therefore, beet - a very effective folkremedy for swelling of the joints. Beets are grated on a grater, wrapped in gauze and applied to a sore spot in the form of a compress. If the house has a tincture of a golden mustache or a saber, then it's good to add 1 part of this tincture to 10 parts of the beet pulp.
In addition to external compresses, do not forget to consume more beets for food. (the recipe from the healthy life style of 2010 № 20, page 8, from the conversation with the doctor - phytotherapeutist A. V. Pechenevsky)

Treatment of edema joints folk method - ice.
Ice helps relieve joint pain and swelling. It is necessary to apply it, having wrapped in a fabric for 5-7 minutes. After 2 minutes you will feel the heat instead of the cold. (review from the Healthy Holidays 2006 No. 20, page 8,)

Compress from sea kale from swelling of the joints - the most effective folk remedy.
The woman is aching and swelling of the fingers. Treated with various folk remedies, helped for a short time and not until the end. A friend suggested trying to use sea kale for the treatment of joints. Fresh cabbage is applied to the sore spot for 15 minutes, and if the sea kale is dry, then firstly soak its leaves in warm water for 10-15 minutes. This recipe was very effective - swelling of the joints disappeared quickly and for a long time. (prescription from the Healthy Holidays 2006 No. 17, page 33)

How to remove the swelling of the joint with salt dressings at home.
The man suffered a severe fracture of the foot. Edema of the ankle joint at the fracture site did not pass for a long time, so the doctors could not proceed to further treatment of the fracture. The use of a salt dressing helped to quickly remove the swelling of the ankle joint.
To prepare a solution for a salt dressingIt is necessary to dissolve 100 g of salt in 1 liter of water. Dampen in it a soft waffle towel (fold in 3-4 layers) or gauze (in 8-10 layers). Apply to a sore spot, fasten with a dry cloth, polyethylene can not be used. Change the bandage as it dries. (review from the Healthy Holidays 2011, No. 13, page 23)

Swelling of the joints helps to remove the ice. A salt bandage - generally a win-win option, a very effective folk remedy