Legs swell and blush photo

Grandma is 78 years old.At it or her of 20 years a diabetes 2 types. manil, glybamite.Mercatsionnaya arrhythmia (tab.glucophage, lopaz, aspirin) hernia of the spine. For half a year her sensitivity has been disturbed in the right foot. The stool swells and turns red and aching. When walking, the redness intensifies, she can not fully step on it. Touching the foot skin is accompanied by pain, but at the very foot a sense of anemia. Called the doctor at home. The doctor said that everything is from diabetes, and no treatment is offered. We consulted with an endocrinologist and she said it was not in her part. Analyzes have told or said all in norm. We are engaged in a selftreatment. We can her leg with ointments (heparin, trasezovozonovoj), we give anesthetizing tablets (spazmol, pentalginum), did injections (actovegin) but nothing helps. Tell me what to do?

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