Swelling of the lower extremities of the legs

Question to the doctor-lymphologist: in 2010, I underwent laparoscopic extirpation of the uterus with appendages, and an obturator-obturator lymphadenectomy. Diagnosis - oncology of the endometrium and cervix uterus 1 tbsp. In September 2010, a course of postoperative combined radiotherapy for the pelvic region was performed. This year the lower part of the left leg periodically swells. In May this year, the ultrasound of lower extremities in the oncoinstitute was carried out. Pathology is not revealed. Where it is better to apply for treatment? Or about treatment the doctor in the oncological center solves? Is there any treatment?

Symptoms: Swelling of the lower extremities, more on the left leg

In this case, you need to clarifythe treating oncologist - what is the presumable cause of the development of lymphostasis, is there a need for treatment. Standard therapy for lymphedema (including secondary, which is a consequence of lymphadenectomy) is a complex therapy: lymph drainage massage, bandage of the limb, wearing compression knitwear.

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