Edema of the foot in the ankle

Female 56 years.
Ukraine Yalta Crimea

About 20 years ago the right ankle began to swell withoutpain and other unpleasant sensations. By the morning the swelling passed. Then there was edema of the left ankle. swelling of the fingers. By the morning, the swelling of the feet does not disappear. Fingers of hands from the night or evening swell so that I can not squeeze into a fist. Legs ache, goosebumps, a fire with fire. Stronger swelling of the hands and feet in the heat, with physical exertion, from the long sitting swelling and feet and above the ankles so that neither can not shoe. Dopplerography of vessels of the lower extremities without pathologies. veins on legs or foots it is not visible, dimples on edemas does not remain, on vseiju to a body the grid of sosudikov is visible. ECG, kidney ultrasound. shchitovidka, analyzes - all within the limits of norm or rate. Anazies on Zemnitskiy and Redberg (if I remember correctly) - urine per day 800 ml with drinking 2 liters. the filtration of the kidneys is 40% underestimated. The nephrologist said that I have an age-related hormonal disorder. The phlebologist and the angiologist are only looking at whether there are veins on their legs and no treatment is prescribed. What can it really be and how to ease its condition?

nataliy | | (Female 56, Tyumen Region, Russia) | 05/03/2010 13:25

Hello! Tell me what to do. About 4 years ago my ankle joints began to swell, the left one more than the right one, but this can be due to the fact that the left leg is slightly fuller. Hard to say. that there are pains, but from the outside. slightly to the side below the bone, formed directly, like "bags". By morning, the swelling subsides, sometimes not completely, but as soon as I get up on my feet, I immediately feel even some tingling in these "bags", and the feeling is as if my ankle joint is rewound with a bandage, and on the outside. as if a small load is tied. What to do, because I never have problems with legs. The veins are also invisible. I really hope for your help.

Letunovsky Evgeniy Anatolevich 03.05.2010 16:17

To understand what it is, it is necessary to do
a. Ultrasound of veins.
b. To appear on internal consultation to phlebologist.
Just do not give advice to you. This must be seen.

Sincerely, Doctor Letunovsky.