How many lie in the intensive care unit with pulmonary edema

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Natalia Krachkovskaya, a famous Russian actress, was diagnosed with pulmonary edema, which originated from a heart attack.

Now the 76-year-old actress is in intensive care. She was brought there last night. In this case, the famous actress herself was able to call an ambulance. Doctors said that now she is in a stable condition, but there are problems with breathing. Some sources reported that she was breathing through an oxygen mask.

If her condition does not get worse, she will be transportedin the usual room from the intensive care unit. Doctors have assured, that for a life of Natalia threats are not present. A close Krachkovskaya shared: "They say that if the condition does not deteriorate, it will soon be transferred to a regular ward, because the threat to life, according to doctors, is not observed. But so far there has been no talk about it. "