Edema in a child 2 years old

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On March 11, they broke the handle, forearm, and put a plaster cast. Now the palm is obviously swollen. The hand is warm, the color is normal. The child is playing, the mood is good. Do I have to worry or swelling is normal in our situation?

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were at a doctor's reception. Edema is a normal phenomenon. The main thing is that the hand does not turn blue, does not turn red and is warm. Edema passed by itself on day 5.

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and to the doctor to address any more is not fashionable?

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To remove the swelling, dab the bandage in the yolk, inwhich previously dissolved the salt. During the night he will take off all the swelling, two weeks ago he was convinced. Leg hurt. It is necessary to keep it warm. If the swelling appears again, then it means that something is wrong, we must again go to the doctor. To the Other.