How to relieve swelling in the child's laryngitis

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Inflammation of the laryngeal mucosa is oftenthe manifestation of acute respiratory diseases, but can manifest itself as an independent disease caused by the inhalation of irritating gases and vapors, dusty air, voice overstrain. To remove the inflammation of the larynx help inhalation with laryngitis. facilitating the rapid removal of sputum and excess mucus from the larynx.

Formed edema, changing the properties of voiceligaments, can cover all the mucous membranes. Symptoms of acute laryngitis are hyperemia and swelling of the mucosa, thickening leading to incomplete closure of the vocal cords, perspiration, dryness, a feeling of pain and sore throat. A dry cough is possible, which is followed by the departure of phlegm. This disease should not be taken as something harmless, the acute form of laryngitis of the subglottic space can lead to stenosis of the larynx.

Symptoms of laryngitis can alleviate dampinhalation with the use of aromatic oils, herbal decoctions, medicines, the inhalation of which can remove the inflammatory process, covering the thin protective film with a swollen larynx.

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Antibiotics for laryngitis are given in the form ofaerosols, alkaline inhalations, warming compresses, gargling with herbal medicinal herbs. It is recommended to use inhalation with moist warm air, so that the burning steam does not provoke even more swelling.

For inhalation, ultrasonic inhalers are used,nebulizers, allowing to conduct a sparing procedure with the help of any medications. Especially good are these devices for procedures for young children who do not have the patience to sit over a steam inhaler. The main advantage of the nebulizer is also the possibility to put the device at the cot of a sleeping child, which during the sleep will breathe the healing particles produced by the nebulizer.

For inhalations, ultrasound andconventional steam inhalers. Thermal inhalations are not difficult to conduct at home, without having special instruments at hand. For the inhalation procedure, it is enough to pour into any convenient dish a decoction of various products that provide a mild anti-inflammatory effect. You can breathe the steam with a towel, you can roll a cone-shaped funnel out of thick paper and breathe through the narrow end of the improvised funnel.

Recommended inhalation using the following means:

  • broths of crushed leaves of fir, eucalyptus, from flowers of oregano, chamomile, sage, mother-and-stepmother
  • aromatic oils of mint, fir, menthol, eucalyptus
  • phytoncides of onion, garlic
  • chlorophyllipt.

Inhalation with laryngitis, despite its effectiveness, have contraindications:

  • high body temperature
  • tendency to frequent nosebleeds
  • presence of cardiovascular diseases
  • severe respiratory failure.

The choice of a medicine is better spent together with the attending physician.