Allergic edema of eyelids in a child

Allergic edema of the eyelids often manifests itself suddenly. In the morning suddenly a person can not normally open his eyes and notices swelling on the upper (most often) and lower eyelids, under the eyes.

In addition to swelling, this kind of allergic reactionmanifests itself in changes in the color of the skin around the eyes. She becomes pale and gets a wax shade. The skin deepenings and folds on the eyelid are smoothed out.

The cause can serve as a reaction to a variety of allergens: food, flowers, as well as the local use of cosmetics, creams ointments.
First of all it is necessary to determine the allergen that caused the edema and stop contact with it. Do not eat food allergens, do wet cleaning, do not use suspicious creams and ointments, etc.

For the treatment of allergies and swelling inwardsapply klaritin, suprastin, diazolinum, calcium chloride, rutin with ascorbic acid. Locally use steroid preparations in the form of eye drops and ointments. But all appointments should be made by a doctor, based on the results of the tests.

As prevention it is necessary to avoidallergens that can cause eyelid swelling. It is necessary to regularly wet cleaning in the house, do not use unchecked creams and ointments, avoid foods that can cause allergies, do not contact animals.