How to remove swelling from the baby's glands

Girls, at a daughter here already months 2 as on the one hand an enlarged and loose amygdala.
During these two months we often got sick, almost constantly. Now we have not been sick for two weeks, we are sitting at home, we do not go to the garden and I do not plan to drive until March.
But on the one hand - an enlarged and loose amygdala.
Were at ЛОРа, has told or said all OK.
My mistake is that I did not speak aloud to him for this amygdala and specifically did not ask. Just went to hear his opinion about our throat. He said - everything is fine with you, you can go to the garden.

But I'm still worried. Loose tonsils this really can be the norm for a child of 4 years?

February 9th, 2013 at 14:15

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