Leaves cranberries during pregnancy from edema reviews

I drank a leaf of cranberries during pregnancy from edema,and I was prescribed by his gynecologist. I, too, was at first embarrassed that the instructions say it's impossible, and then I thought that the manufacturer was likely to be reinsured. She asked the doctor just in case, well, she told me about the same thing herself, that's what they write on the valerian, still it's herbs, and they can suddenly affect your health-cause allergies, for example. But this probability is simply negligible. The only thing I wanted to clarify is that I drank cranberries during pregnancy on late terms, in the first trimester it is better not to take risks. Although swelling is usually later) By the way, I would not say that it helped me well to remove swelling. So went the whole swelling until she gave birth.

Lera, the day before yesterday the doctor also prescribed leaves of bilberry, said to brew and drink like regular tea. Today my husband will bring freshly picked leaves from the village, I will drink.
So, in order.
Cowberry leaves contain:
Arbutin. It is established that 64-75% of arbutin is excreted fromurine, and arbutin transformed in hydroquinone, provides antimicrobial effect in the urinary tract (which explains the effectiveness of cranberries in folk medicine (cranberry leaf).
Tannins. They have the remarkable property of tanning the skin (skins), that is, taking away from them a considerable degree of the ability to rot and harden when drying.
Hydroquinone. In cosmetic preparations, it was previously used as a component for skin whitening, but in recent years it has been banned almost everywhere due to the high danger to the skin.
Tannin. In medicine, tannins are used asastringent drugs, as an antidote (for poisoning with salts of lead, mercury, etc.), as antidiarrheal, hemostatic and anti-hemorrhoidal agents.
Carboxylic acids, vitamin C.

To me by the way in a female consultation have attributed to drinkdecoction of cranberry leaves, and the nurse said that if on the package in contra-indications there will be a pregnancy written, it's okay. This broth is dangerous only in the early stages of pregnancy. And from 20 weeks it is 100% safe!

Devonki thank you all very much for the advice))))

January 5, 2009, 17:15

And where can I buy it now in its original form?

January 5, 2009, 10:12 PM

It turns out that both berries and stems help, yes?

January 5, 2009, 10:33 PM

Yes I am trying. I still have a problem - a constant thirst.

January 5, 2009, 10:42 pm

Yes, it's hard! I wonder why so? I used to not take liquid in such horse counts.

January 5, 2009, 10:45 PM

Well, then we will try)))) Do you have a long walk yet?

January 6th, 2009, 10:23 pm

The coolest thing is when you know about the day of conception))))

I drink now a decoction of cranberry leaves. there is nothing about contraindications in pregnancy is not written. and in the pharmacy I was told exactly this diuretic when I said that I was pregnant.

Well, yes, I also appointed a doctor, so I bought, andthere it is written on the package that it is impossible to be beremennym, although the leaves of red bilberry they are lisyaya cowberries, why they write on some people. but on others it is impossible, I can not understand.

and the doctor said how to take the infusion? as on the pack written?

but I did not give special instructions, just drink a leaf of cranberries and everything.

I drank from 35 weeks, all ok

and I bought a syrup of cranberries and rose hips syrup in the pharmacy, too, from edemas, dilute it with water and drink like juice! there are no contraindications

I drank almost the entire pregnancy. Everything was normal with us, 4.7 years old.

And I drink "Brusniver", he too from swelling, but contraindications for pregnant women - no.

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