Causes of puffiness in pregnant women

Puffiness of the face - reasons

Every woman, even the most busy and not fixated on her appearance, looks at herself in the mirror at least once a day - in the morning. What Do it if the reflection in the mirror is not at all of you.arranges? You wake up in a fine mood, and, humming, hurry to the bathroom - a new day begins, you have a favorite work, everything is fine! But as soon as you approach the mirror, the mood inevitably deteriorates. Who is this with small narrow eyes, swollen nose and cheeks? Really, is that I - you think, and frantically splash in the face with cold water ... If you are familiar with this picture, and swelling of the face in the morning occasionally happens, try to understand the reasons.

Each woman periodically encounters such aproblem. The swelling of the face of the cause is very diverse, and it can happen both for the schoolgirl and the lady deeply for ... No one is immune from such trouble, alas. Certainly, for many of us, the cause lies on the surface - it is a fluid retention in the body.

The most commonpregnant women. The swelling of the face and legs becomes common for them. No wonder - the hormonal background in pregnant women changes, in the hot season the amount of consumed fluid increases ... All the forces of the body are aimed at maintaining the baby's vital functions, and the body simply does not have time to remove the liquid. In pregnant women, the main reason puffiness of the face is connected with the hormonal background.

If you are not pregnant, but you have severe swelling of the face, there can be many reasons.
Remember what you did last night. If you danced on a merry party, enjoying a lot of drunk and eaten - then the body simply did not manage to cope with this load, and the result, as they say, on the face. However, in the case of a measured lifestyle and compliance with the regime of the day, swelling of the face in the morning, too, may occur. This happens in several cases. If you stick to a diet that is not built properly, drink excessively large amounts of liquid, abuse salt products - swelling of the face and legs will be a logical result.

Particular attention should be paid to your healthin the event that the puffiness of the face is accompanied by rashes on the skin and reddening of the skin. Most likely, it speaks about an allergy and requires careful treatment.

Strong swelling of the face can signalvarious diseases. For example, if you suffer from shortness of breath and swelling, the cause may be cardiovascular disease. Problems with the endocrine system, alas, are often accompanied by edema. In the event that the puffiness of the face is accompanied by pallor of the skin - this indicates problems with the vessels.

Eyelids on the face can swell. If they seem to swell in the morning - this indicates that you need to rush to the doctor and check the kidneys.

Puffiness of the face in the mornings bothers many andoften. However, instead of getting to the bottom of the reasons, we just wash ourselves with cold water and wait for it to go away by itself. Such an irresponsible attitude towards one's own health leads to disastrous results. Most often, the external manifestations of the body trying to send us a signal, to convey that something is wrong, some process is broken. The swelling of the face and legs is a consequence of the problems that the body is struggling with. Be attentive to yourself, do not let such things happen on your own, try to solve the problem immediately. Do not be lazy to see a doctor to determine the true cause. Take care of yourself - and your body will thank you!

Winter frosts are a real test for ourskin of the face. Icy wind, snow and lack of vitamins can make it dry and flaky. To avoid this, it is sometimes not enough just moisturizer. Preparations for winter cold should be comprehensive.

The skin of our face needs a daily and gentlecare. But, as in any business, the main thing here is not to overdo it and treat your skin without fanaticism. What should be the proper skin care?

It has long been known that steam has medicinal properties. It helps the body to cleanse itself of harmful substances, relax and fully relax. And our skin after the steam begins to breathe fully. That is why the benefits of a steam bath are so undeniable, which can also be arranged without leaving home.

The benefits of essential oils for the skin of the face are heardalmost everything. But few apply them. The reason is simple - not everyone knows how to use essential oils, which are suitable for the skin and what are their real properties. As an example, consider tea tree oil.