Edema of the lower leg during pregnancy

Excessive accumulation in the tissues of the intercellular fluid, leading to a change in their size and general outline is called edema.

Most often it manifests itself on the lower limbs.

Let's consider the causes of edema of the lower leg and how to deal with them.

What are the main causes of edema

The causes of edema can be very diverse.

These can be pathologies in the body or factors,which do not belong to the state of health. These include eating food that delays water in the body, taking certain medications or wearing uncomfortable shoes. Elimination of the second factors will lead to a decrease in puffiness and getting rid of the problem.

When the main factor is health problems, a large-scale examination will be required that will help establish the cause and only then treat the problem.

It is better to contact the doctors at the first stage of the edemashanks. Timely detection of the cause of edema will help to avoid that stage of the state, which will be possible to restore only through surgical intervention.

In general, the causes of edema can be divided into the following categories:

  • Hydramic - the cause is kidney problems
  • stagnant - impairment of vascular permeability due to a lack of protein albumin
  • kahelicheskie - the presence of cardiovascular diseases
  • mechanical - the cause is the resulting injury
  • allergic reaction to an allergen
  • Neuropathic - the result of diabetes mellitus or alcoholism.

Diseases that are the cause of foot swelling

If there is swelling, contact your doctor.

The tendency to excess interstitial storagefluid is common among women and people prone to fatness. Any swelling adversely affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system of the body, causing the heart to work with a heavy load.

Cardiovascular diseases. They are given the leading place in the list of pathologies. Swelling caused by this disease can persist at different intervals and is accompanied by increased heart rate, wheezing and shortness of breath. If the cause is not eliminated in time, the swelling may begin to rise upward through the body.

Many try together with medicationTreatment uses traditional recipes: cold compresses, baths with salts and even natural diuretics. To ensure that these experiments do not cause additional damage to the body, it is better to coordinate them with the attending physician.

Renal pathology. The first thing that is done with such a diagnosis is that they correctly organize the nutrition. This means excluding everything where salt is present and, of course, the use of diuretics. To distinguish this disease from the heart is easy enough. Before swelling of the lower leg, these symptoms appear on the face, namely on the eyelids. The fluid retention in the body is manifested by a reduction in the amount of urine and its darker color. Additionally, circles under the eyes may appear. Renal pathology can occur after the transfer of an acute respiratory disease, when problems with the kidneys arise as a result of complications.

Liver disease. The first thing you need is to establish the cause of the edema. If the tibia is swollen due to cirrhosis, you need to know the main cause of its occurrence. Viral cirrhosis is treated with antiviral drugs, alcoholic - by eliminating alcohol-containing beverages. Only a specialist in a medical institution will be able to find the right medication. If cirrhosis is triggered, the only solution can be a donor liver transplant.

Varicose disease also leads tostrong swelling at the end of the day, after a swelling, the swelling practically disappears, but then they reappear. With the progress of other signs of concomitant varices, swelling becomes more and more noticeable. As experience shows, varicose leads to edema of one shin and is not located symmetrically.

Problems with the thyroid gland lead tothe formation of elastic edema, which does not manifest fossae upon pressing. Additional symptoms include puffiness of the tongue, shoulders, drowsiness and a tendency to constipation. Endocrine changes are the results of many serious diseases, as a result of which aldosterone is produced. This contributes to the retention of sodium ions in tissues, which leads to water retention in the body. The disease of hypothyroidism can easily provoke edema of the anterior surface of the shin. Treatment is done only medically.

Diabetic nephropathy is favorably treated at the first stage. They get rid of it by maintaining blood pressure through the use of potassium-releasing diuretics.

Gestosis - swelling of the legs during pregnancy. It is quite an alarming sign, which may indicate a possible pathology. This disease is one of the causes of fetal death, so during pregnancy, women are prescribed mild diuretics.

Trauma and leg infections can also be the cause of theirswelling. The type of impact depends on the type of injury or causative agent of the disease. Conservative treatment includes taking medications and performing manipulations that alleviate a person's condition. You can use folk remedies.

Wrong shoes. This applies, both to models with high heels, and on solid soles. A small heel is the perfect solution. Shoes are not

Edema during pregnancy is quite an alarming sign, which may indicate a possible pathology

should squeeze a foot, and fingers settle down in a natural position.

In order to independently diagnosethe presence of puffiness should be pressed on the alleged place of edema, if after the finger is removed, the dimple remains, so the diagnosis is confirmed. The first of the signs can also be heaviness, pain, cramps and even some numbness. Another way to determine the degree of edema is to pay attention to the ankle bones.

Other causes of edema

Swelling of the ankle often occurs as a result of stretching or fracture.

The sudden occurrence of swelling in most cases is associated with:

  • recent births
  • banding operations
  • prolonged bed rest
  • infectious diseases
  • blood diseases
  • tumors of the abdominal cavity organs
  • obesity
  • joint diseases
  • problems with the intestine.

Revealing the cause is already a kind of treatment. Next is the proper selection of medicines.

Independently you can completely remove from the diet of salt and a large amount of water.

Only after consultation with the attending physician you can drink herbal teas to reduce swelling.

If possible, avoid wearing shoes with high heels.

Tips for helping with swelling:

  1. In a supine position, lift the legs above the level of the heart.
  2. Make certain specially designed exercises that will help blood circulate better throughout the body.
  3. Eliminate the salt from the diet, bringing the consumption rate to a minimum.
  4. At the slightest suspicion, start wearing special stockings.
  5. During a long trip in the sitting position, take breaks for exercise and various physical exertions.
  6. Systematically do massage movements.
  7. Make contrasting baths, hold your feet for some time in warm water, and then the same interval in the cold. Repeat the manipulation several times.
  8. Avoid too tight clothes in the wardrobe.
  9. Get rid of extra pounds.

Exercises for the prevention of edema of the shin at home

If puffiness is a single phenomenon, then there is no need to look for a cause, with a systematic appearance, the search for a cause is a priority

If puffiness is a single phenomenon, then look forthere is no need for a reason, with a systematic appearance, the search for a cause is a priority. In order to avoid the appearance of such problems with the body, you can perform simple exercises that will take only a few minutes of your time, but will greatly benefit the whole body.

Here are some of them:

  1. In the sitting position, make an emphasis on the heels, then on the toe. Repeat several times.
  2. Try a few minutes every day to walk on socks.
  3. In a convenient position, try to spread out, and then squeeze your fingers.
  4. Another useful exercise is lifting small items from the floor with your toes.
  5. Within a few minutes, make a circular motion with your feet.
  6. After walking to the "chick" you can complicate and try to jump only on one finger.
  7. The completion is an exercise on the sharp extension and bending of the fingers, which should be done for several minutes.

Still there are several recommendations to minimize the chance of edema formation.

To minimize the pressure on the veins, you need to lie on your left side, this is the position that is best to cope with this.

In a sitting position, never lie on your leg.

Systematically, after a certain period of time, stretch your legs or make small movements when sitting for a long time.

Wear only comfortable shoes, especially when you are going to be on your feet for a long time. Do not wear socks or stockings that have a tight elastic band.

Do physical exercises that will support the body in tone.

In order to be healthy, you must lead an active lifestyle. If you have identified any suspicious symptoms it is better to immediately turn to a professional, rather than engage in self-medication.

This video presents a special massage against the edema of the shin:

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