Swelling in pregnancy cranberry

During pregnancy is especially usefulthe use of various vegetables, fruits and berries, which are rich in vitamins and trace elements. Moreover, during this period of time, it is important for a woman not only to have a rich supply of vitamins and other nutrients, but also calming or preventive effects on the organism of the future mother. For example, this simple berry, like cranberries, is worthy of admiration, because thanks to its vitamin composition it is considered the most useful on the whole Earth. If the future mother has increased blood pressure, there is varicose veins or swelling in pregnancy, cranberries are an excellent multivitamin agent that makes it possible to relieve the disease or prevent their development.

Moreover, everyone knows how dangerous even the most dangerous,seemingly innocuous diseases and viral infections during pregnancy, but it is the cranberry that contains a whole arsenal of useful substances that cope with any ailment. Morse from cranberries during pregnancy is excellentantioxidant, because in addition to the standard vitamins it also contains fructose, sorbitol, sucrose, glucose, tannins, iodine and other organic acids. No less useful cranberry and with disorders of the urinary system, which usually affects pregnant women in all trimesters of pregnancy. Cranberry juice when used blocks bacteria and prevents them from settling in the bladder and kidneys.

Often, future moms begin to have problems withhealth of gums and teeth, and the development of caries and bleeding is generally the standard companions of a pregnant woman. Cranberry, in turn, is the only natural antibiotic that detoxifies bacteria in the mouth and fights against microorganisms. In general, the use of cranberry mors or ordinary berries allows you to cope with any viruses, and in case the future mother is already sick, cranberries will help ward off diseases and restore strength without harm to the child's body.

Many women doubt whether it is possible to cranberriesat pregnancy, after all there is an opinion, that the use of these berries conducts to increase of a tone of a uterus, and it can become the reason of occurrence of threat for vynashivanija the child. In fact, cranberries improveutero-placental circulation, and also acts as a preventive agent in the retardation of intrauterine development of the fetus. Naturally, if there are any contraindications, for example, acute inflammatory diseases of the stomach in a future mother, liver, intestine or exacerbation of an ulcer, then it is better to refuse the use of cranberries in any form.