Swelling of the pregnant symptoms

The main cause of edema in pregnant womenthe pressure on the surrounding organs of the growing uterus is considered. It can squeeze the vessels of the kidneys (because of this, the process of excretion from the body of the fluid is disturbed), and also to press on large vessels, making it difficult for venous outflow.

Edema during pregnancy is divided into physiological andpathological. The first do not involve changes in blood pressure, are not accompanied by the appearance of protein in the urine, fluid from the body is excreted unhindered. Such swellings are usually located on the feet and legs. Developed in the evening and quickly pass.

Pathological edema is accompanied by the presence ofprotein in the urine, changes in blood pressure, a violation in the excretion of fluid. In addition, they can be hidden (fluid accumulates in internal tissues and organs). Such edemas, as a rule, testify to such a dangerous condition of pregnant women as gestosis, in which the nutrition and respiration of the fetus are disturbed, there is a violation of the liver and kidney function in the pregnant woman. The manifestation may be as follows: the hips, the lower abdomen, the lower leg swell. In more severe cases, edema of the face is added to the listed edemas, a so-called general edema may occur, which does not disappear. Appears shortness of breath, difficulty in urinating, increases blood pressure.

Edema in pregnant women with any diseases