Edema of the face in pregnant women

Swelling in pregnant women occurs quite often. In some, this is simply a physiological phenomenon, while others may indicate dangerous processes in the body. First you need to figure out what they are.

Swelling of the face in pregnant women

Do not worry if the woman swells in the morningface and eyelids. This is very common during pregnancy due to the fact that excess fluid accumulates under the skin. Throughout the day, gravity most often eliminates this excess fluid. However, if swollen eyelids pass with excessive weight gain and swelling on the entire body, you should see a doctor.

Swelling of the hands and feet in pregnant women

Organism during pregnancy needs moreamount of liquid. Hormones of pregnancy cause a strong thirst and are forced to drink more water, make sure that all drunk water replenishes the amniotic fluid, increases the water content in the blood, meets the needs of the developing child. The liquid is so necessary for the body that it is often taken from the intestines, and this causes constipation. At the end of pregnancy, the body contains a large amount of additional fluid. Many women notice this, especially in later terms. On the fifth or sixth month, this becomes noticeable, since there are swelling in the hands, feet, feet - it is there that accumulates excess fluid. If you add the fact that the uterus slows blood circulation, it is not surprising that many women wear shoes more conventional.

What swelling is considered the norm in pregnant women

  1. At different times of the day, different parts of the body swell. They decrease if you raise your legs for an hour.
  2. The gain in weight corresponds to the norm.
  3. With the right and balanced diet.
  4. The pressure remains within normal limits.
  5. When analyzing urine protein was not detected.

What edema in pregnant women indicate a deviation from the norm

  1. Very swollen legs, while, even if they raise, edema does not decrease.
  2. Fast and excessive weight gain.
  3. Very high pressure.
  4. Incorrect food.
  5. Protein in urine.
  6. Poor state of health of a woman.

How to reduce swelling in pregnant women

  1. Do not stand or sit for a long time. Do not put your foot on your leg, as this makes blood circulation in your legs difficult.
  2. Raise the swollen legs and leave in this position for about an hour at the end of the day.
  3. Relax, put your feet on some elevation, which will improve the blood circulation of the legs. For this purpose, a rocking chair is suitable.
  4. To walk more, swim and practice gymnastics for pregnant women.
  5. It is better not to sleep on your back, but sleep on your side, as this will reduce the pressure of the uterus on the blood vessels and improve the outflow of blood.
  6. Raise your arms in a seated position.
  7. Properly eat and drink at least two liters of fluid, especially heat.

Thus, swelling in pregnant women may be a norm, but may indicate abnormalities during pregnancy. If there are any suspicions, the doctor always takes control of such women.