Edema of the kidney during pregnancy

During gestation, thewomen are subjected to an extra and very heavy load. In the regime of special efforts, all, without exception, internal organs of the pregnant woman. But the wise mother nature has thought it through to the smallest detail - and so, that the body, despite everything, copes with the task - to raise, grow and endure the baby for nine months. True, sometimes there are failures. Today we will talk with you about such an important and, at the same time, vulnerable organ, like the kidneys.

So, the first question - why duringAre kidneys working in such a strengthened mode? All because, in addition to the main tasks, they also perform completely new ones. The organism of the future mother has an acute need to process and withdraw not only its products of vital activity, but also the growing fetus that enter the mother's blood through the placenta. From this, the amount of urine released by a woman increases and per day can reach one and a half liters.

Also, at this time under the influence of progesteronethe tonus of the bladder decreases, which may well cause a stagnation of urine. As a result, the process of infection becomes much easier. This can lead to pyelonephritis. By the way, quite often pregnancy provokes acute conditions of "sleeping" chronic diseases.

Unfortunately, with certain diseases of the genitourinary tractsystem of pregnancy ... is impossible. That is, it must be interrupted, or it will happen by itself, but with great complications. But, by itself, this is determined exclusively by the doctor and only after a complete examination. It is for this reason, before planning a child, you need to undergo a full medical examination in order to exclude pathology 100%, which can cause a miscarriage. There are also kidney diseases in which a healthy pregnancy is possible, but only after treatment.

There are also such changes in kidney function,under which you can not bear or give birth to a child. For example, pregnancy is completely contraindicated in women who have pyelonephritis too high blood pressure.

The most common kidney diseases that can be found in pregnant women are:

  • pyelonephritis;
  • cystitis;
  • asymptomatic bacteriuria.

There is such a thing as "pyelonephritispregnant ", or" gestational pyelonephritis "is pyelonephritis, which happens only during pregnancy. Most often it manifests itself in the second half of gestation. If this disease has already been earlier, before the onset of the first pregnancy, then it is likely to take place with redoubled force. Women who had pyelonephritis before pregnancy are at risk, because this threatens miscarriage, gestosis, infection and fetal malnutrition.

The most terrible complication of pyelonephritis is acute renal failure. This is a condition where the kidneys partially or completely stop working.

To treat, and not "heal" pyelonephritis in pregnancy, you need to identify and neutralize its pathogen.

Alas, many women, not by hearsay, know aboutcystitis. This disease is a consequence of pathological conditions of the urinary tract. Cystitis may be the first manifestation of pyelonephritis, as well as, other urological diseases. Clear signs of cystitis - a very frequent and insanely painful urination, discomfort in the suprapubic region, which increases rapidly with the filling of the bladder. Sometimes it happens that these symptoms are completely or partially absent. In addition, the temperature is often raised to 37.5 degrees.

Cystitis is treated with antibiotics in tablets, and the course is, on average, one week. It is very important that the pills are prescribed by a doctor, not advised by a girlfriend.

Asymptomatic bacteriuria suggests that inurine a large number of bacteria. In this condition, a woman does not feel anything unpleasant and it's bad - because in 40% of cases against this disease develops acute pyelonephritis.

Author of the publication: Alexey Kulagin

Inga, 2014-03-25 14:07:11:

The girlfriend had kidney problems - creepy swellingwent with pregnancy, she even could not take off the wedding ring, although she was told that she needed it. In fact the edema can amplify, the finger absolutely will transfer. Generally advise those who have swelling in the background of problems with the kidneys - all the decorations from the fingers are taken off just in case