Pulmonary edema in pregnant women

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Edema of the lungs in pregnant women - one of the most formidable complications.

Most often, the edema of the lungs occurs in women withmitral stenosis at the onset of labor or during labor, when the cardiovascular system has the greatest hemodynamic load. Often, the edema of the lungs develops in the consecutive or early postpartum periods, which is associated with a rapid and significant change in hemodynamics after emptying the uterus.

Development of pulmonary edema in childbirth canto promote insufficient cardinal therapy, inadequate anesthesia, complicated childbirth (weakness of labor, discordance of it, pathological blood loss), etc.

Treatment of pulmonary edema in pregnant women

Treatment swelling of the lungs in pregnant women is aimed at unloading a small circleblood circulation by reducing the pressure in the pulmonary vessels, reducing the influx to the right ventricle and the dehydration of the lungs with the help of drugs - droperidol, ganglion blockers, euphyllin, saluretics (lasix, ethacrynic acid), for improvement will reduce myocardial function and stabilization of hemodynamics by high-speed cardiac glycosides, ways, to combat hypoxia and respiratory failure (sucking mucus from the respiratory tract with an electric pump, inhalation through the nasal catheters, oxygen ode with defoamers - ethyl or octyl alcohol), correction of electrolyte balance by potassium preparations, reduction of capillary permeability with the help of antihistamines, glucocorticoids.

With an abundance of foamy sputum, sharplypronounced hypoxia and a decrease in systolic blood pressure to 70-60 mm Hg. Art. intubation of the trachea is performed and artificial or auxiliary ventilation of the lungs with oxygen under increased pressure (see Hyperbaric Oxygenation). To combat severe hyperventilation intramuscularly injected drugs that reduce the excitability of the respiratory center (promedol or morphine hydrochloride).

With a decrease in blood pressure below 80 mm Hg. Art. Assign pressor amines (ephedrine hydrochloride, mezaton, norepinephrine hydrotartrate).

When pulmonary edema in pregnant women all medications are administered intravenously.