Treatment of edema in pregnant women

Treatment of edema of pregnant women (with diagnosedpathological weight gain and transient edema of the first degree of severity) can be carried out in the context of a woman's consultation. In the absence of the effect of therapy, as well as in the case of detection of grade II and III edema, pregnant women are hospitalized.

Diet in edema in pregnant women

Treatment consists in creating a calmsituation, the appointment of a protein-vegetable diet. Limitation of salt and liquid is not required; once a week they spend unloading days: cottage cheese up to 500 g, apples up to 1.5 kg. We advise the use of plant diuretics (kidney tea, bearberry).

Medicines for edema in pregnant women

When swelling in pregnant women prescribe vitamins (including tocopherol acetate, vitamin C, rutin). It is recommended to take medicines that improve uteroplacental and renal blood flow (euphyllin).

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