Tea for pregnant women from swelling

Swelling in pregnancy - prettya common phenomenon. But if earlier it was possible to "save" from edemas with a diuretic tea, then during pregnancy to the future mother it is contraindicated. Why? Responds to the obstetrician-gynecologist Marina Vasilyeva.

Diuretics in pregnancy are contraindicated: they violate the water-salt metabolism in the body, remove from it not only water, but also potassium, calcium, other micro- and macro-elements, change the acid-base balance.

If the future mother has swelling, then fightwith them follows with the help of a salt-free diet: salt should be tried to limit to a minimum or even be excluded from the diet, and then the liquid will not stay in the woman's body.

But there are diuretics that can be taken during pregnancy.

As a diuretic, the expectant mother can use herbal medicines

Among them we can name:

  • Kanefron. The composition of this drug includes a herb of gold-thousandths, a root of lyubistok and leaves of rosemary. In addition to diuretic, the drug has antiseptic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect. Kanefron can be taken at any time of pregnancy with one caveat: a woman expecting a baby should choose a tablet form of the drug, since the capsules contain alcohol.
  • Phytolysin. This drug is made on the basis of the extract of parsley root, rhizome rootgrass, grass horsetail grass, birch leaves, herb mountaineer bird, mint, sage, pine and orange oils. This drug is allowed for pregnant women only if the kidney function is not pleasant and works in excellent mode.
  • Finally, you can take advantage of Euphyllin. Drinking it is strictly forbidden with low blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy. Efillina use on an empty stomach threatens with headaches and dizziness.

Of beverages that have a diuretic effect,You can use the infusion of cranberry leaves (but in limited quantities!), and also - fruit and juice from berries cranberries and cranberries. In addition, pregnant women can brew tea from the leaves of staminate orthosiphon, bear ears (bearberry leaf), horsetail, leaves and birch buds.

But, that would not choose a future mother for breedingfrom the body fluid, before you begin self-treatment it is worth consulting with a specialist, and preferably with 3 to get the most objective point of view.

  • Author: Marina Vasil'eva
  • Photo: Glow Images