Puffiness on the last days of pregnancy

Swelling during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body producesapproximately 50% more blood and fluid in the body of a pregnant woman to meet the needs of a growing baby. Puffiness is an ordinary companion of pregnancy due to the increased amount of blood and fluid. During pregnancy, the face, arms and legs usually swell.

Excessive amounts of fluid are needed by the body,To become softer and more easily stretch for 40 weeks. An excessive amount of fluid is about 25% of the weight that a woman scored for pregnancy.

Puffiness can appear at any time, in anymoment during pregnancy. Most often, pregnant women begin to complain of swelling in the fifth month, but most of all the inconvenience it causes, of course, during the last weeks of pregnancy.

Causes of swelling in pregnancy

  • Summer heat;
  • Long stay "on legs";
  • Low potassium in food;
  • Frequent use of caffeine;
  • The use of salt in large quantities.
Easy swelling during pregnancy should notit is not dangerous. But if suddenly a pregnant woman begins to swell sharply face and hands, you need to see a doctor, since this sudden swelling is one of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia - late toxicosis of pregnant women.

How to reduce puffiness during pregnancy?

  • Eat a meal rich in potassium, for example, bananas;
  • Decrease caffeine intake;
  • Reduce the intake of salty foods;
  • Drink plenty of water;
  • At work and at home do not stand for long, move more;
  • Keep your stay outside during the heat to a minimum;
  • Wear comfortable shoes, preferably not on high heels;
  • Wear special pulling tights or socks;
  • Do not wear tight clothing, especially if it squeezes your wrists or ankles;
  • Swim in the pool;
  • Apply cold compresses;
  • Raise your legs while resting;
  • Ask your husband to massage your feet.

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