Cranberries and cowberry in pregnancy from swelling

During pregnancy, doctors themselves recommenda woman to use as few drugs as possible. And although there are those that are permitted to pregnant women, one should try to avoid using them, making a choice in favor of natural assistants. To such "natural healers" it is possible to carry a berry of a cowberry. So you do not have to worry. Cowberry during pregnancy is absolutely safe, and the benefits from it are simply invaluable.

Cowberry is a unique plant, becausewhat is used to treat her and her berries and leaves. It is very important that the leaves are collected at a certain time of the year (in spring or autumn), because this is an evergreen plant. But during the flowering and ripening of berries, leaves of cranberries do not have that healing power. It is also important that the leaves are properly dried so that direct sunlight does not fall on them. Collected leaves should be stored in a dark place, preventing moisture from entering. But the berries will last longest suitable for use, being in the water, which is changed every 2-3 days.

Useful properties of cowberry in pregnancy

Juice from cranberry berries is hypoallergenic, it's boldcan be consumed even by pregnant women prone to allergic reactions. In addition, that it is simply a pleasant tasting refreshing drink, the juice of cranberries can help in such cases:

- Increased or high blood pressure during pregnancy. It is the cowberry juice, with regular use, is able to normalize the pressure of a pregnant woman, without the use of drugs.

- If the pregnant woman has some problems withheart or heart pain during pregnancy. then in this situation it is better to introduce this drink into the daily diet. Due to the presence of chromium, manganese and copper salts in cranberries, the juice from them becomes an excellent preventive way for cardiovascular diseases.

- Very topical problem of pregnant women - edema inthe time of pregnancy in later terms - is perfectly solved with the help of juice of cranberries. A large amount of vitamin P, which is contained in fruits, contributes to the fact that excess fluid leaves the body, and with it and swelling.

- Likewise, the beneficial properties of cowberry, namely its infusion, are a mild laxative effect. If you have problems with stools in pregnant women, you can try to solve them with the help of infusion from berries cranberries.

- Vitamin C, which is also rich in these miracle berries, will help protect the body from various infections and viruses, increase immunity.

- Excellent prevention of kidney problems inthe time of pregnancy will be cranberry mors. In addition to the fact that it quenches thirst very well, it also has a diuretic effect, which is very useful for edema caused by kidney problems.

- No less often encounter pregnant women with a problem such as anemia. And then will come to the rescue of cranberry juice, which is very effective in this problem.

If the fruits of this plant can be called a preventive remedy, the leaves of cranberries during pregnancy are really curative. When are infusions and decoctions of cowberry leaves used?

- Very often during pregnancy, expectant motherdisturbs such an unpleasant phenomenon as cystitis. Glycoside arbutin, contained in the leaves of cowberry, has an anti-inflammatory effect, removes excess urea and nitrogen. Thanks to this, the use of infusion from cranberry leaves helps to avoid the use of antibiotics during cystitis. In addition, no less effective helps infusion in the treatment and prevention of diseases such as pyelonephritis in pregnancy. pyelite, nephrite.

- During catarrhal diseases, not all antipyretics can be consumed by pregnant women. However, it happens that the resolved ones turn out to be ineffective. That's when tea from cranberry leaves comes to the rescue.

- If a pregnant woman is suffering from heartburn with a lowacidity, then the infusion of cranberry leaves becomes an indispensable tool. But remember that with increased acidity, berries and tea from cranberry leaves are strictly forbidden.

The use of any herbal infusions and beverages inmedical purposes must be agreed with the doctor without fail. Since cowberry has a pronounced diuretic effect, it can lead to dehydration, weakness and dizziness for pregnant women. No less dangerous is the decrease in pressure that is observed when using this berry. Proportions and the number of tea and infusions from cowberry can be prescribed only by a doctor.

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